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Vidi collects users’ data: search queries, geolocation, visited sections, browser settings. This data helps us to improve the quality of the Vidi Services operation: to provide more relevant requests; to automatically select the desired edition, language, depending on the user's region; to create popular news feeds; to filter or block undesirable sources.

We provide safe storage of personal data; use encryption to ensure secure transmission; all information is stored on secure servers.

Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a piece of data sent by the server to a user's computer. When you visit the site, the browser sends this fragment of data to the web-server. A cookie is used to authenticate a user, store his settings, personal preferences, and track the current session. In other words, Cookie helps to simplify the use of the site.

How we use cookies

Cookies are installed depending on your actions on the site. Some can be set when you use the site, others when you register or log in to the site. Cookies do not contain information that personally identifies you and do not give us the access to other information on your device. All modern browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change these settings and refuse to accept cookies. When you disable the reception of cookies, you are still able to use the site, but some Services may not work properly.

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