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Date of the last change: December 17, 2018

By using the Vidi Services, you agree to these Terms of Use. Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the Terms of Use. All changes to the Terms of Use will be indicated on this page, as well as the date of the last change to the Terms of Use.


By using the Vidi Services, you agree to the use of your user’s information in accordance with the Privacy Policy to improve the performance of the Vidi Services.

Use of Services

Do not use the Vidi Services in an inappropriate way, do not try to violate, change or stop their work. Such actions may lead to account blocking, a fine or more serious consequences in accordance with current legislation.

You do not have the intellectual property rights to the content of the Vidi Services. You can use it only if you get permission from its owner.

In the case of using our Services, we can send you messages or other informational materials.

A special note about children

Some content on third-party resources may not be suitable for children; therefore, parents or guardians should monitor the actions of children and select the appropriate resources and content.

Liability limitations

We provide functionality and support for the Vidi Services operation but do not assume any guarantees for your purposes regarding suitability or functionality, and availability or reliability according to your needs. We do not assume any responsibility for the use of the provided information or its subsequent use by third parties.

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